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"Vellingiri comprises seven hills and is a part of the western range of mountains. The Lord of Vellingiri resides in the seventh hill in the form of a ‘swayambhu’ (not man-made but formed by itself). It is situated at an altitude of 6000 feet. "

The devotees of Shiva consider it as one of the most important centres of pilgrimage. This hill is celebrated as ‘South Kailash’ for two reasons. First Lord Shiva Himself found this place congenial for his penance once. Second-the weather on this hill is similar to that of Kailash.

Velliangiri Temple - Yatra
The best season for undertaking this pilgrimage is between the first of the month of January (14th) and May. Climbing this mountain is easier during this season.

Adverse weather conditions and severe chillness make it difficult for the pilgrims to climb on other days.

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Thai Pongal

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Panguni Uttaram

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